Damp can strike any Caravan or Motorhome, at any time. Left unsolved, it becomes worse, begins to smell and can cause major structural damage, as well as seriously affect the value of your investment.

We specialise in finding the cause, stopping it and restoring the interior to its former condition, without breaking the bank.

We are so confident in our ability that we offer our TWO year no-nonsense warranty on all damp repairs, regardless of how major the problem is.  

We also offer preventative services like join re-sealing. Most leisure vehicle sealants only have an active life of around six years and can begin to fail at any time.

Prevention is much less expensive than cure of course, so we recommend you have the awning rails and seals checked regularly to ensure that they are still doing their job.     

Call us today for a no-obligation conversation and to discuss the various options.